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All ticket sales are final. If your reservation is more than 24 hours away please contact our front counter to inquire about rescheduling. 718-852-4653 and press 0 during business hours.

Before you arrive


2. Reservations are strongly suggested.

3. Registration is mandatory and should be completed before arriving. Register HERE.

4. Groups with more than 10 guests should book consecutive time slots for Mini Golf.

5. Mini Escape Rooms are 15 minutes long. If you would like a longer experience please book consecutive time slots for      each room. 

6. Length of mini golf play is not timed.

7. Hours are limited to timeslots available in our ONLINE store. Click on the RESERVATIONS button to book.

8. Last game begins 1 hour before our posted closing times.

9. Our mini golf course is for all ages. 

10. It is a full 18 hole ADA compliant miniature golf course.

11. Outside food is not permitted. This includes birthday cakes. If you'd like to bring a cake, you would need to pre-book         one of our private event rooms.

11. If you prefer to access our venue via the stairs please call from 1st floor.

Is indoor miniature golf the same as outdoor miniature golf?

Yes, but we control the climate so it is more comfortable to play all year long.


Can I just watch others in my group play?

Only paying individuals may enter the mini golf course. One adult chaperone may enter the course with kids 12 & under, additional guests must purchase a ticket or wait in the arcade area.


How many people can play together as a group?

There is a 5 person maximum per hole. Larger groups can split into smaller teams. 


Can I bring snacks and beverages onto the course?

Snacks & drinks may be consumed on the course.  A water fountain can be found near the restrooms. Outside food, drinks, or cakes are NOT permitted.


I am famished from all this fun, where can I get something to eat?

We serve food, snacks, and beverages. They can be purchased at our sales counter.


Do you serve alcohol?

Drink up me hearties! We have wine, beer, cider, spiked seltzer, and adult slushies.


Where can I enjoy my grog? (That’s a beverage to you landlubbers.)

Tables are available for consuming food and beverages. Our terrace is open during nice weather.


Are pets permitted in Shipwrecked?

Service animals are permitted by law.  Emotional support animals and pets are not permitted by the NYC Department of Health.


Can I take photos inside Shipwrecked?

YES! And please share the really attractive ones on social media. No professional film or video equipment without permission.


Oops, I brought my treasure chest, are lockers available for rent?

A very limited number of lockers are currently available. We suggest leaving your treasures at home!


Is there a lost and found?

Found items will be kept at Shipwrecked for 7 days. We can not be responsible for lost or stolen items.


Where can I park my stroller?

Please speak with a crew member and they will make a reasonable attempt to find a place to store your stroller while you enjoy the course. You are also welcome to take strollers onto the course.


Is there a place to lock my bike?

Please lock your bike on the sidewalk near the park. Park at your own risk!


Where can I park my car?

There is street parking in the area around the park


Can I order merchandise online?

Currently all sales must be made in person. We won’t lie, we like to see your face!


Can I purchase a gift certificate?

Unfortunately, due to rampant online fraud we have had to disable our online sales of gift cards. You can still purchase a physical card in person.


Can I pay with a credit card?

We currently accept all major Credit & Debit Cards, as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay. We do require a $10 minimum when using a credit card. (Online service fees may apply)


Are you A.D.A. accessible?

Shipwrecked adheres to all requirements set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act. We hope everyone will join us!


How can I work at Shipwrecked? This place is amazing!

Please visit the APPLY page of our website.

Is Shipwrecked a good place for tourists?

Shipwrecked loves tourists! We are very unique and want to share our course with the world. We are easy to get to by train and car.

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