What you need to know before you arrive.

1. Reservations are required. All guests over 2 years old must have a ticket to enter.

2. Waivers are mandatory and should be completed before arriving. Fill out waiver HERE.

3. Groups with more than 5 guests should book consecutive time slots for Mini Golf.

4. Escape rooms are PRIVATE events. Guests have 1 hour to solve as many rooms as possible. 

5. Masks are required for unvaccinated individuals and must cover both your nose and mouth. MORE INFO

6. Hours are limited to timeslots available in our store. Click on the RESERVATIONS button to book.

7. Time slots are 5 minutes and indicate your assigned start time.  Length of play is not timed.



— Anthony L.

"This was a pure gem...The staff was perfect! Customer service was great.