1. The doors you enter through are never truly  locked behind you, if you become overwhelmed or  feel the oxygen levels are dipping into the red zone then you may leave by the same doors you entered. For some doors you will need to push the green button to Exit.  


2. Never force anything to open or move. If something doesn’t move with normal force, then it is either not supposed to move or you have not solved the clue correctly to make it open or move.  


3. If you see wires, they are probably vital to the operation of the experience. Please do not pull or yank on them. They will likely disconnect something, and your game will be ended.  


4.  You are welcome to 3 clues during your game. If you would like a clue, simply return to the first door and ring the doorbell inside the room. After a short pause, a clue will be given verbally to your team. Listen carefully because it will only be given once. 


5. Please keep your mask covering your nose and mouth at all times. 

Mission Reactor Rules